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We strive to ensure that GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division is a company that acts safely and responsibly at all times and in all places, with zero tolerance for conduct that puts our people, our customers and the people in the communities we serve at risk. At GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division, safety is more than a program; it is a core value of our company. GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division is equally committed to improving the environment for the future of the communities we live in and serve. We believe that our services play an integral part in improving the environment and we are always mindful of having the most cost effective waste management solutions for our customers.

We are committed to the safety of our workers and have programs in place to continually upgrade our worker safety and environmental practices. Our corporate Occupational Health & Safety Program is implemented throughout all of our satellite divisions to ensure symmetry and consistency. Having highly qualified staff, using the best available equipment and being fully committed to keeping our workplace safe and the environment clean is indicative of our total commitment to the communities we serve.

Compliance Alert: Ontario MOE Gets Serious on Waste Reduction Enforcement

A garbage crisis was created when the State of Michigan threatened to shut the border to most of Ontario’s waste. This prompted the province and Ontario Municipalities to step up their waste reduction efforts. Ontario Regulations 102 and 103, first established in 1994, are now being rigorously enforced by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). O. Reg. 103/94 requires the following businesses to establish source separation programs for recyclables: 

  • Retail Complexes with over 10,000 sq. metres (107,700 sq. ft.) of floor space
  • Retail Establishments with over 10,000 sq. metres (107,700 sq. ft.) of floor space
  • Construction Projects with over 2,000 sq. metres (21,528 sq. ft.) of floor space
  • Hotels & Motels with over 75 units
  • Demolition Projects with over 2,000 sq. metres (21,528 sq. ft.) of floor space
  • Office Buildings with over 10,000 sq. metres (107,700 sq. ft.) of floor space
  • Restaurants with over $3 million in sales per year
  • Manufacturers with over 16,000 employee hours worked per month (approx. 100 employees)
  • Educational Institutions with over 350 students

If your company falls into one of these categories then you are required to also conduct a Waste Audit and develop a Waste Reduction Work Plan as part of O. Reg. 102/94. To assist you in understanding what materials you are required to recycle and help you meet these regulations, please call our Corporate Office located in Ajax, Ontario at (905) 831-6297 and ask for our Customer Service Coordinator, Tasha Savage.

We can provide you with a free quote outlining a waste management package, including:

  • Explaining basic MOE requirements to your staff;
  • Conducting a Waste Audit (required by MOE);
  • Providing your management with a list of recommendations;
  • Developing a Waste Reduction Work Plan (required by MOE);
  • Creating a Waste Plan Notice to be posted on site (required by MOE);
  • Coordinating bins for the collection and haulage of recyclables and waste;
  • Monitoring and updating material tonnage records (required by MOE); and
  • Applying for government rebates and a designation as an “Eco Business”.

Over the past year we have detected a dramatic shift in service requests from basic waste disposal to comprehensive waste management or “green” programs. Progressive companies and institutions see the importance of reflecting the most important value being expressed by our society today, which is to act in an environmentally sound manner. Therefore, the benefits to setting up a proper waste management program results in cost savings, improved staff morale, compliance with a government agency and respect gained in the community.

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