Soil Management and Remediation

Bioremediation is an environmentally-responsible, energy-efficient and competitive alternative to disposing of contaminated soil in landfills. It is a proven and effective technology for the decontamination of soils containing an array of organic contaminants — ranging from straight-chain hydrocarbons to polycyclic organic compounds such as PAHs. Biological treatment systems do not involve significant energy inputs or result in the sterilization of the soil — unlike systems involving thermal or chemical processes.

GFL offers ex-situ bioremediation for contaminated soils and will arrange for excavation and transportation to our provincially-licensed soil remediation facilities. Our soil treatment is available to treat contaminated soils from gas stations and commercial, residential and infrastructure properties. We can also treat soils impacted by road salt. Once at our facilities, soil is remediated for re-use as top soil or as fill at agricultural, residential, commercial and/or industrial properties. Ex-situ soil treatment typically requires shorter time periods for achieving the required destruction levels and — due to the ability to homogenize and screen the material — provides greater certainty regarding the uniformity of treatment.

Our soil capabilities include:

  • Seven Class 1 soil management sites (North York, Toronto, Pickering, Dorchester, Etobicoke, Moose Creek and Brighton)
  • Three reuse sites in Ontario (Table 2:ICC or better)
  • One soil remediation facility in Manitoba and one in Saskatchewan
  • Receiving, consolidation and disposal of non-treatable soils at licensed disposal facilities
  • Biological treatment of highly-organic impacted soils

All GFL soil remediation facilities are licensed and regulated by provincial environmental ministries. They operate to the highest standards of safety and quality, and collectively manage over 3.5 million tonnes of soil per year.

GFL’s Project Area Tracking Hub (PATH) provides users an end-to-end soil management tracking software solution:

  • Created to assist project leaders and receiving sites effectively manage their soils projects in compliance with Ontario Regulation 406/19 – On Site and Excess Soil Management
  • Offers real-time monitoring of approval status, loads received, number of loads outstanding, and placement
  • Able to match source site excess soil projects to available receiving site(s), project administration for excess soil management and on-site excess soil management

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