Emergency Response & Site Remediation

GFL Environmental is always ready to deploy emergency response teams to practically any location in Canada. Call 1.866.417.2797 at any time to activate GFL HAZMAT emergency response services. Our TEAP®III verified emergency response team is among the best in Canada, with experience mitigating most classes of hazardous materials transported via road, rail and air. We are also experienced in managing emergencies on inland water bodies. GFL responders receive the latest training from some of the most respected institutes in North America. We maintain a full inventory of specialized response supplies, equipment and vehicles.

With more than 25 years of experience handling environmental emergencies, GFL prides itself on having some of the most highly-trained and adept responders in Canada. Using established procedures and standards, we work with customers throughout all phases of an incident to ensure every aspect is managed, mitigated and remediated to regulatory requirements. On land or water, our trusted team can assess any situation and coordinate with others to deliver an efficient and effective course of action.

GFL’s Emergency Response service is activated by calling our live, 24-hour operators at 1.866.417.2797. Our equipment and highly-trained response personnel are available to assist our customers or other response organizations with technical and tactical operations.

Green For Life skillfully assists customers with the careful planning and preparation of organized responses in advance of a potential hazardous materials incident. We can develop product-specific emergency procedures and coordinate HAZMAT training for your personnel. At GFL, we also stock and maintain specialized equipment and supplies to help you deal with unique materials.

We assist with the plan development and associated training necessary for customers with commodities requiring a Transport Canada ERAP (Emergency Response Assistance Plan) and can help liaise with government agencies. For customers requiring response coverage anywhere in North America, GFL can help pre-plan response by way of our association with CERCA (Canadian Emergency Response Contractors’ Alliance).

From cleanups following an emergency spill response to site assessments and compliance audits — GFL’s environmental science and remediation personnel are trusted to remedy a variety of unique challenges.

We have decades of remedial project experience — ranging from small roadside cleanups to extensive shoreline restorations requiring coffer dams, oil skimmers, containment booms and vacuum truck support.

Our teams of multi-disciplined professionals can manage all aspects of remedial work including equipment mobilization and liaising with governmental authorities. GFL safely plans and executes site remediation via traditional remedial excavation or in-situ alternatives. We can assess, excavate and transport impacted soil for all sizes of projects affected by contaminants of concern including hydrocarbons, dioxins and furans, polychlorinated biphenyls, caustics, acids, and heavy metals. GFL also provides services for water management, treatment and disposal.

Additional GFL Environmental Remediation services also include:

  • Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments in compliance with CSA standards and provincial / federal regulations
  • Environmental compliance reviews and audits to ensure that all applicable permits are prepared within compliance of provincial and federal regulations
  • Third-party reviews to ensure our customers receive cost-effective and technically defensible information from other consultants or service providers
  • Above ground and underground storage tank decommissioning (including removal of residual tank materials and sludge prior to excavation and extraction)
  • Hazardous building materials surveys to identify — and remove, if necessary — construction / demolition materials that could harm people, property and the environment. Examples include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mould, asbestos, lead-based paint and solder, urea formaldehyde foam insulation, mercury-containing devices, and ozone-depleting substances.


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Learn more by viewing our HAZMAT Emergency Response brochure.

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