Hazardous Waste Management

For over forty years, GFL Environmental and its predecessors have managed industrial, institutional and household hazardous waste with services such as onsite packaging, container supply, transportation, and licensed disposal or recycling. Our teams of qualified chemists and technicians work together with our customers to solve hazardous waste challenges ranging from routine to complex. We also coordinate onsite recycling initiatives, personnel training and waste reduction programs. All hazardous waste materials are handled by GFL with care and compliance at our transfer, storage and disposal facilities located in Canada and the United States.

Green For Life is a trusted partner to many of North America’s thriving industries. We provide hazardous waste and recycling services for industrial sites such as mines, refineries, power stations and rail yards. We supply bins, roll-off containers and storage tanks for large volumes of waste materials. Our high-performance vacuum trucks and confined space entry teams can be deployed for plant shutdowns and to extract hazardous materials and waste from tanks, vats and silos.

We safely remove and properly recycle or dispose of outdated chemicals and reagents from institutions such as high schools, hospitals and laboratories. Our teams of chemists and technicians classify and package chemicals for secure, licensed transportation and disposal. We can also accurately identify unknown chemicals and manage highly-sensitive materials.

Materials such as chemical cleaners, paints, solvents, poisons and pesticides pose a danger to people and the environment if neglected or improperly handled. Recycle and dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW) through GFL’s community round-up and recycling stewardship programs or through other community initiatives. We can help you plan, coordinate and execute round-up events or can provide routine collection services at established waste drop-off centres.

In addition to collection and transportation of liquid wastes, GFL facilities process and/or treat an impressive variety of wastes generated by industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Our advanced treatment technology allows us to treat a vast range of liquid and solid waste streams.

Our processing capabilities include:

  • Waste water treatment
  • Emulsion treatment
  • Reduction
  • Oxidation
  • Acid and alkali neutralization
  • Solidification / stabilization
  • Solvent and oil recycling
  • Fuel blending
  • Lab pack services

Many companies generate miscellaneous chemicals, products and/or lab reagents from regular production, onsite lab operations or regularly maintained plant clean-outs. GFL has specially-trained technicians to perform onsite lab packs of obsolete chemicals and reagents for safe removal on a regularly scheduled or on-call basis.

Our lab packing service includes:

  • Waste identification / profiling
  • Inventory of items for disposal
  • Segregation
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Manifesting
  • Transportation to our receiving facility
  • Containerized waste removal

GFL can safely sample your waste, assist you with waste characterization in accordance with applicable regulations and determine the best treatment process for disposal. We will also help classify, separate and inventory all waste streams. GFL will complete all required paperwork associated with the removal and will transfer and dispose of waste according to all applicable regulations and guidelines. We can also provide appropriate containers for shipment if required.

GFL has a dedicated team of commodity specialists who can assist you with finding the liquid waste product you need for your operations. We can also help you find an end user for your own liquid waste by-products.

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