With a view towards maintaining its position as an industrial environmental leader, GFL has resolved charges under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act in relation to the delivery of tetrachloroethylene to two Ontario dry cleaning facilities by a former employee of GFL.

In April and November 2014, Environment Canada completed routine inspections that included two dry cleaners. One of GFL’s drivers had delivered tetrachloroethylene to these dry cleaners. Pursuant to GFL protocols, the driver was required to confirm in writing that adequate secondary containment systems were present. Investigation revealed that the dry cleaners had secondary containment containers, but they did not meet regulatory requirements. Fortunately, there was no spillage or discharge of tetrachloroethylene at either dry cleaner. No environmental contamination took place.

Nonetheless, GFL accepted responsibility for the failure to ensure that the secondary containment systems were adequate and agreed to a fine of $300,000 in this regard. The driver involved left the company in 2015. Indeed, GFL chose to voluntarily stop selling tetrachloroethylene in February 2017.

GFL maintains its commitment to the highest standards of environmental protection and workplace safety.

December 10, 2018.