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Amy Reny – A leader in Fleet and Procurement 

With her specialized knowledge and ability to wear many hats, it’s no surprise that Amy Reny was recently nominated as a top woman to watch in transportation.  

The Acheson, Alberta-based regional manager of fleet and procurement has demonstrated her multifaceted leadership skills over an impressive 15-year career in the waste industry.  

“Believing in yourself is key, and surrounding yourself with people you can trust is crucial to success,” Reny said.   

Reny describes her position as a hybrid role managing multiple teams within Western Canada including Liquids West’s fleet compliance team, which ensures GFL Environmental’s operations adhere to the National Safety Code regulations.  

The other half of her role involves managing the various procurement and administrative groups that focus on supporting whatever GFL needs to operate efficiently.  

“Although we’re a waste management company, we’re also a transportation company that specializes in waste.” Reny said. “Having our trucks out on the roads is essential to the success of our business.” 

Reny’s career journey began at 19 when she landed a position as a permit clerk for a consultancy firm specializing in fleet management and compliance.   

Following her time at the firm, she continued her career at various waste management companies, working her way up to the position of fleet manager. Once GFL acquired the company she worked with in 2021, she continued her growth, transitioning to regional manager in 2022.    

A key element of Reny’s role is balancing understanding of safety and compliance regulations while keeping the business running efficiently.   

“My first priority is always safety and making sure our teams are comfortable and confident within their roles,” Reny said.   

Through her leadership, Reny highlights the importance of empowering her team to make decisions and confidently carry out their duties.   

“I want to encourage my team to flourish and help them grow into new positions,” Reny said.  

Reny has a not-so-hidden talent for being a classically trained singer, especially from those she shares an office with. It plays a large part in her life, whether that involves singing on stage or singing a tune while she reviews a spreadsheet; it brings her so much joy.   

Reny looks forward to continuing her growth within GFL and being a source of support to others. 

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