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GFL Organic Facilities

Preserving precious reusable resources


GFL recognizes the capture and composting of organic waste materials as a key driver of sustainable, long-term waste management solutions. That’s why we’ve invested in a series of modern, efficient organics processing facilities, located across our North American footprint, which recycle organic waste into high-quality compost, fertilizer, and other soil supplements.

GFL’s organics collection and processing services provide an environmentally-conscious solution to the food, leaf and yard waste challenges of our commercial and residential customers. By receiving organic waste material, GFL is helping to divert precious reusable matter from landfills and giving the waste new life by processing it into nutrient-rich soil products. Another environmental benefit of keeping organic waste out of landfills is reduced emission of the harmful greenhouse gas methane.

As a leader in organic material processing, GFL handles over 400,000 tons of organic material at its facilities per year. Our compost is produced to a superior quality grade, and trusted for a variety of agricultural purposes by gardeners, landscapers and farmers across North America.

GFL has designed and operates award-winning organic processing facilities, recognized for their composting system excellence. One of GFL’s largest facilities, in Delta, British Columbia, has recently been upgraded to include an agitated, aerated channel system, and incorporate the best control technology for aeration, material conveyance, process control and air treatment through a fully enclosed biofilter.

In processing material from municipalities in the lower mainland of British Columbia, the Delta facility plays an important role in supporting Metro Vancouver’s sustainability initiative to keep food waste out of landfills. The facility is co-located with GFL’s turf farm, which uses a large portion of the compost produced in the facility to grow turf that is commercially sold to local landscapers and golf courses. The finished compost is also mixed with sand to produce various soil amendment products for sale to local landscapers.

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