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Advanced facilities back innovative solutions

As a comprehensive one-stop provider of integrated environmental solutions, GFL owns, operates, and manages an impressive network of diverse, state-of-the-art, modern solid and liquid waste disposal, transfer and recycling facilities across our North American footprint. These facilities play a huge role in the success of our daily operations, our continued growth and expansion, and our ability to offer our customers efficient, cost-effective and sustainable waste handling services that provide sophisticated alternatives to traditional waste management practices.

At GFL, we know that innovation lies at the heart of continuing to deliver the environmental solutions that will help our customers realize their sustainability goals. That’s why we continue to invest in the practices, technology, and initiatives that set us apart as an industry leader and make our facilities some of the most advanced in the waste business.

With several recycling and processing facilities across North America, including Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), soil remediation facilities and organics processing facilities, GFL pursues every opportunity to divert reusable resources from landfills, which forms an important part of our commitment to recycling and the environment.

Our facilities include: