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Safe for Life: every worker, subcontractor, visitor, and member of the public


The health and safety of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve is our number one priority, and incorporated into every stage of what we do. GFL’s safety culture, ‘Safe For Life’, reflects our ongoing pledge to the health and safety of every worker, subcontractor, visitor, and member of the public, in every service we provide.

We deliver on our commitment to health and safety by implementing a robust program that includes extensive training, regular evaluation, and comprehensive support at every level of the company, and an internal responsibility system that ensures we strive for continuous improvement in our health and safety performance.

By way of permits, licenses and approvals to operate, GFL secures and maintains all authorizations from local, provincial, state and federal authorities required to provide our broad range of services, many of which are carefully scrutinized by government agencies and environmental regulators.

We subscribe to industry standards for competency including NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), API (American Petroleum Institute), and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to name a few. We also maintain high ratings in pre-qualification registries such as ISNetworld®, ComplyWorks, Avetta and ContractorCheck.

From first-class knowledge and strict regulatory compliance to a wide range of evaluation policies, GFL is dedicated to ensuring that all members of our team make safety their number one priority.

For more information on GFL’s commitment to health and safety, please read our Health and Safety Policy Statement.

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