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Roll-off Dumpster Rentals from GFL

Specialty containers in a wide range of sizes to suit your construction waste and recycling needs

A roll-off dumpster is a large, open, container that is hauled away entirely at each dump. Often called construction dumpsters, roll-off dumpsters are usually used for large amounts of waste, and follow a different set of regulations that allows for the collection of materials that are not accepted in a regular commercial dumpster. Beyond standard municipal solid waste (MSW), these dumpsters can hold construction and debris material such as scrap wood, building materials, metals, and anything else that you’d find on a construction job site.

GFL offers a variety of roll-off container sizes to suit your business needs. As well as construction and demolition materials, our containers can be leveraged for municipal solid waste, commingled recycling, and cardboard.

Please find a list of our available roll-off dumpsters below.

*NOTE: For overall length, add 15”; for overall height, add 10.5”.

While you may already be familiar with the requirements of your job site and business, GFL would encourage you to contact one of our specialists by filling out our commercial dumpster rental service sign up form before deciding on a roll-off container. Signing up will not bind you to any contract, but will notify your local branch to contact you for help finding the roll-off dumpster that best fits your needs.

Whatever your requirements, GFL can always accommodate you and we are happy to help. If you have any questions, please contact your local branch.

10-Yard Roll-off Dumpster from GFL

10 Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

Best suited for small renovation projects

GFL’s 10 yard roll-off containers are designed for those who need something slightly larger than a regular dumpster. They are ideal for small renovation projects.

Designed to...

15 Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

15 Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

Perfect for construction on job sites

GFL’s 15 yard roll-off containers are designed for contractors taking on larger renovation projects.

Designed to handle around 4 to 5 pickup truck loads or roughly 4,000 to 6,000...


20 Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

Ideal for construction and small demolition projects


GFL’s 20 yard roll-off containers are great for construction and small demolition projects, as well as general removal of waste and other materials.


30 Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

30 Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

Ideal for new home construction

GFL’s 30 yard roll-off containers are great for larger projects such as new home construction, with a high volume of material for disposal.

Designed to handle around 9 to 10 pickup...

40 Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

40 Yard Roll-off Dumpsters

Best suited for long-term construction projects

GFL’s 40 yard roll-off containers are commonly seen at big construction job sites that require a large dumpster for maximum disposal. These roll-offs are the biggest you can...