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Serving millions of residents across North America

At GFL, we strive to provide our customers with constantly evolving, innovative, diverse trash services that help keep streets clean and safe. Whether it’s customers under municipal contracts or individual residents through our subscription service, we proudly serve over 4 million household in communities across Canada and the United States with safe, professional performance, and a reliable, convenient waste collection schedule.

Individual Resident Subscription Service

Customers across North America rely on GFL to provide efficient and cost-effective curbside collection of their household trash. Through our residential subscription programs, we provide individual homes with regular, reliable curbside trash pickup service, with a range of service options available, as well as an appropriate cart or container to hold trash until it’s collected.

Once you sign up for service for us, we will deliver your trash container promptly to your residence. Then you can simply follow our container placement guidelines for curbside pickup to ensure your service occurs properly and safely.

Services vary by location, so please click below to learn more and request service.

Municipal Contract Service

GFL proudly partners with municipalities to provide safe, high-quality, reliable curbside collection of household trash to millions of households in communities across North America.

Many municipalities rely on GFL to provide efficient, cost-effective curbside waste collection services which, in addition to regular household garbage, also include recyclable material, organic and yard waste, and bulk items.

GFL also assists municipalities with recycling and disposal of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) through community round-up and stewardship programs. Information about planned round-up or collection events/ initiatives in your community, including those organized at establish local waste drop-off sites, will be available through your municipality.

To learn more about GFL municipal contract waste collection services in your area, please contact your local municipality.


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Recycling Collection

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Organics & Compost

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Roll Off Bins

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Bulky And Large Item Collection

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