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GFL's Commercial Hazardous Waste Services

Onsite packaging, container transportation, disposal, and more

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GFL offers commercial, institutional, and industrial customers a comprehensive range of safe and environmentally responsible hazardous waste handling services. From onsite packaging, container supply, and transportation, to licensed disposal or recycling, our trained experts work with our customers to deliver effective solutions to both routine and complex hazardous waste management challenges.

We provide customized solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, consumer products, animal health, food, and automotive industries. Our commercial hazardous waste customers include mines, power stations, hospitals, high schools and municipalities.

Diverse hazardous waste solutions


Our hazardous waste services include:

  • Collection and transportation
  • Disposal or recycling
  • Waste identification, classification, and segregation
  • Chemical packaging and labeling
  • Storage bin, drum, and tank supply
  • Vacuum truck and confined space entry services for facility shutdowns
  • Waste treatment and reduction planning

Healthcare hazardous waste


GFL owns and operates an onsite technologically advanced incineration facility for the destruction of highly regulated and hard to handle products and materials including:

  • Hazardous pharmaceuticals and narcotics/ controlled substances
  • Precursor containing pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications
  • Cosmetics and other consumer products

Environmental responsibility


Our hazardous waste services involve substances that, if improperly handled, can contaminate our environment. As such, GFL’s primary concern is always the safe and environmentally-responsible management of these materials.

Hazardous waste must be characterized, profiled, packaged, and transported in accordance with strict procedures and guidelines, while disposal must be managed in properly permitted treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. The regulations which govern and affect hazardous waste are regulated by the respective municipality, province, state, or federal authorities.

GFL handles hazardous waste materials with the utmost care and compliance, in line with all applicable regulations, at our licensed transfer, storage and disposal facilities located across Canada and the United States. Our innovative solutions are supported by years of experience and expertise in driving compliance and sustainable services.

For more information or to inquire about service, please contact your local branch.