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GFL employee working at a Transfer Station

Efficient, cost-saving solutions


At GFL, we constantly look for innovative solutions to our customers’ waste disposal and removal needs, to make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

In-so-doing, we saw an opportunity to leverage transfer stations as temporary disposal areas where waste could be accumulated before being transported to a larger landfill facility.

GFL was founded in 2007 in Southern Ontario with a single solid waste transfer station. Today, as one of the largest solid waste solutions providers in North America, GFL owns or manages a comprehensive network of transfer stations across Canada and the United States.

As our footprint has grown, we’ve taken measures to become an industry-leader in providing convenient local transfer stations for cities, counties, and remote communities. Each transfer station provides a local short-term disposal site, which allows the efficient transfer of waste collected by a short-haul garbage collector to a long-haul waste truck that will transport it to a landfill.

The creation of transfer stations has helped to decrease the distance garbage trucks travel when hauling, which in turn reduces the cost of waste transportation to dumping sites. This makes it possible for us to maintain low-cost, timesaving service solutions for our customers. It also helps keep larger and more imposing waste management facilities away from populated areas.

Thanks to our early entry and innovation in effective transfer station design, GFL is an industry leader in their development, construction, operation, and management.

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