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Alongside our residential and commercial waste collection and liquid and special waste services, GFL also offers a wide range of excavation services in select areas.


With INDOT and IDOA prequalifications, we are a reliable and efficient full-service contractor for your excavation project.

Wrecking and Demolition

Using superior surveying techniques to pinpoint safety hazards, GFL can provide safe, precision demolition services. Our demolition team adheres to OSHA 29CFR1926, Subpart T, and all state and local requirements that apply to demolition work.

Site Development

GFL provides complete site development from start to finish. We understand that successful site development projects begin with precision estimates. Maximizing estimate accuracy provides our customers with more predictable project costs and durations.

Once the estimation is complete, a comprehensive assortment of construction equipment and experienced crews allows us to carry out your project to completion.

Site Utilities

From deep sanitary sewers to storm drainage for parking lots, municipal watermains for domestic water and sprinkler mains, GFL can be counted on to perform precise, safe and accurate layout and installation of the necessary site utilities for your project.

Foundation Excavation and Backfill

By coordinating closely with both the concrete and masonry contractors on a project, GFL can efficiently and quickly excavate and backfill a wide variety of footers and foundations for varying projects. From digging for grade beams and spread footers to digging around auger cast piles and deep piers, GFL can meet your foundation excavation needs safely, efficiently and in a coordinated manner.

Erosion Control

GFL has state- and nationally- licensed erosion control professionals who constantly train to keep abreast of the ever-evolving field of erosion and sediment control. Whether you want to clear a few trees or clear a few acres of field, GFL can deliver solutions for your erosion control needs.

Vacuum Excavation

GFL uses vacuum excavation to help eliminate accidental line damage and trench cave-ins. Vacuum excavation involves digging using a vacuum with high-pressure water or air to break apart material. This method also allows us to accurately identify the depth of a utility.

Sheeting and Shoring

Possessing the latest in excavator and crane equipment and mounted shoring attachments, GFL is a fully capable shoring contractor. We work with local geotechnical and shoring engineers to design safe and effective shoring systems based on the soil conditions of your site, keeping your excavation requirements in mind.

Municipal Treatment Facilities

GFL has the technology and expertise to meeting wastewater regulations and gaining operational efficiencies. Alongside our excavation, backfill, yard piping and shoring needs, our wastewater treatment allows us to provide you with a one-stop shop for your project needs.

Heavy Civil Work

Ranging from sewer reroutes to shoring design, excavation and tailings hauling to assisting with mobilization heavy machinery, GFL is a proven competent partner in the field of heavy civil work.


GFL can perform utility relocation for a wide variety of projects including utility relocation for INDOT projects, emergency utility repairs, simple vault repair and relocation of existing telecommunications without outages.


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