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Facility Landfills

Safely disposing of non-hazardous waste


GFL owns and operates a broad network of 45 specially designed non-hazardous solid waste landfills and processing facilities across our North American footprint.

Our Landfills


GFL manages a number of different types of solid waste landfills. These include:

  • Municipal solid waste landfills for everyday household and commercial garbage.
  • Municipal solid waste landfills for non-hazardous special industrial waste, including asbestos materials and liquids.
  • Inert debris landfills, for disposal of earth, concrete, curved asphalt, rock, bricks, etc.
  • Construction and demolition (C&D) landfills for construction, renovation and demolition waste, some of which accept asbestos disposal.

Environmental Responsibility


As an environmental solutions leader, GFL is dedicated to responsible landfill management that ensures longevity, sustainability, and environmental protection. Where landfill diversion is not possible, GFL offers customers safe, fully-regulated disposal options through our licensed facilities, which operate in strict compliance with all relevant environmental regulations, to ensure proper disposal of permitted non-hazardous municipal, industrial and special solid waste.

We strive to operate our landfills with minimal and, where possible, beneficial impact on surrounding environments, using advanced technology and techniques. Our landfills include state-of-the-art cell construction, with systems to collect leachate for treatment, and at certain sites we’ve planted wild flower pollinator gardens that provide much-needed habitats for dwindling pollinator species such as bees and butterflies.

Investment in Renewable Energy


GFL invests heavily in landfill gas-to-energy technology that captures landfill gas and converts it to a renewable source of electricity. By the end of 2019, 79% of GFL owned and operated municipal solid waste landfills had gas collection and treatment systems. One of our largest gas-to-energy solid waste landfills is our Eastern Ontario Waste Handling Facility in Moose Creek, Canada. Commissioned in 2013, the facility’s 4.2 MW landfill gas-to-energy plant was designed to generate electricity for 4,000 local homes.

Through our on-site landfill gas recovery systems, GFL typically recovers around 2,117,730 MMbtu of landfill gas per year, which results in a significant reduction in CO2e emissions. For example, in 2019, 39,751 tons of GHG emissions were avoided due to alternative energy generation at our landfills.

The energy produced by our alternative generation systems is used to supply electricity for on-site operations, residential homes, and other commercial or industrial facilities, which significantly reduces GFL’s fossil fuel consumption and on-site operational energy costs.

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