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Municipal Solid Waste


GFL has always strived to create innovative solutions to waste management challenges that cater to the specific needs of our customers, no matter where they are located. When it became clear that people living in more remote areas, away from dense commercial and residential regions, faced fundamentally different waste disposal issues from their urban counterparts, GFL put together a plan to design and develop the first man-operated convenience site.

Accessible, sustainable, user-friendly


Due to their ease of use, convenience sites have grown rapidly as a clean, safe, and user-friendly option for residents of remote communities to dispose of their non-hazardous solid waste items.

Our convenience sites are facilities that anyone, GFL customer or not, can bring their household garbage and recyclables to dispose of them without waiting for a truck to collect from their home.

Our convenience sites provide the following amenities:

  • A safe and handy waste disposal location for residents of areas with limited or no scheduled waste collection service.
  • Multiple accessible locations that save customers time and effort driving long distances to municipal dumping sites.
  • Availability to all – convenience sites are open for use by anyone, no GFL contract needed.
  • A sustainable alternative to trash dumping for remote and spread out areas.
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