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Commercial Recycling Services

Recycling is essential to the future of our planet.

As such, it forms an integral part of GFL’s commitment to the environment.

Many businesses do their part by maintaining a more sustainable waste stream to help keep recyclable materials out of landfills. Our commercial recycling services offer you all the resources you need to help you achieve your waste management and sustainability goals.

GFL will provide you with a suitable container to capture all your recyclable items, as well as regular, reliable scheduled collection to suit your needs. We also have in-house experts who can assess your waste stream and ensure that you implement the most effective recycling program available to you. We will help your business divert the most waste possible to preserve landfill space and contribute to recycling efforts.

GFL provides single stream recycling, meaning all approved recycling materials go into the same container and you don’t have to sort items. While this is generally convenient, just one misplaced item can contaminate an entire batch of recycling, so be sure to check our general recycling guidelines page and consult your local branch to see which items are accepted in your container.

At GFL, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative recycling practices and we strive to offer superior recycling opportunities to all our customers.

Services vary by location. For inquiries about recycling in your area, please contact us today.

Two Yard Commingled Recycling Box

2 Yard Commingled Recycling Box

Ideal for banks, churches, and small retail locations

GFL’s two yard commingled recycling box is ideal for small businesses that accumulate a relatively small amount of recyclable material, such as banks, churches, and...

Four Yard Commingled Recycling Box

Four Yard Commingled Recycling Box

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses

GFL’s four yard commingled recycling box is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses such as small restaurants, medical offices, and retail stores that need a reliable container...

Eight Yard Slant Top Commingled Recycling Box

Eight Yard Slant Top Commingled Recycling Box

Ideal for warehouses, factories and distribution centers

GFL’s eight yard slant top commingled recycling box is ideal for businesses that generate a significant amount of recyclable material. These larger boxes feature a...

Cardboard Recycling Services


Dumpsters and slant top boxes available for businesses

Many businesses choose to recycle cardboard independently of other materials because having a separate container for large volumes of items such as shipping boxes is...