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Invoice Template for A1 Sewage Services Customers

A1 Sewage Services (1989) Ltd. has now joined GFL Environmental! Here’s how to get started with your new GFL account.

As our newest customers, we want to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. To best serve you, on this page we‘ll explain how to navigate the changes you’re already seeing to your account and any action you may need to take. You can scroll down or select an item from the following list for more information.

  1. Liquid Waste Services
  2. Understanding Your Invoice
  3. Community Information
  4. Branch Details

Liquid Waste Services

GFL continues to provide the same type of high-quality liquid waste services you’ve come to expect from A1. You can visit our pages below for more information and contact us for service requests.

Understanding Your Invoice

Click here to view a sample invoice.

Your account number is located both in the right-hand tear-off portion of your invoice.

Community Information

Your branch may have had special information on its previous website. We’ve included that information at the link below.

Branch Details

Find your branch’s hours of operation, phone number, and holiday schedule by clicking its name below: