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Portable Restroom Services

Amenities include hand sanitizer, mirrors, and mobility-impaired access

From job sites to large venues, GFL has the equipment, high-quality sanitation standards, and prompt delivery service to meet all your portable restroom and toilet needs, on a schedule that suits you.

Our portable toilets are delivered clean and on time, serviced on schedule, and waste is disposed of according to all applicable regulations. Portable units include amenities such as hand sanitizer and mirrors, and mobility-impaired accessible options are also available.

We service a wide range of customers, locations and events, including construction sites, weddings and large private events, municipal parks, school outings, parades, concerts, festivals, sporting events and campgrounds.

Service features

  • Large inventory for every scope or need
  • Custom services, maintenance, and scheduling to suit your business needs
  • Local dispatch to handle service issues promptly
  • Best-in-class safety ratings and fully compliant with ISNetworld and Avetta regulations

Sanitation services and solutions

Portable toilets

  • Include amenities such as hand sanitizer and mirrors
  • Mobility-impaired accessible options available
  • Can be tagged as male or female-use only
  • Individually numbered for easy tracking

Portable restroom trailers

Each self-contained trailer has:

  • Two men’s stalls, one women’s stall, sinks, and mirrors
  • Water-conserving sinks, toilets, and urinals that control freshwater usage and reduce the number of waste tank pumpings
  • Large waste holding tanks equipped with electronic monitoring to check waste levels
  • Built-in above-floor freshwater tanks with on-demand water pumps
  • Climate control, with air conditioning and heaters

Handwashing stations

  • Configurable from two-man stations to 20-man stations (available for larger sites)
  • Sealed freshwater tanks for added hygiene
  • Foot-operated pumps for immediate streaming
  • Increases efficiency and reduces congestion in large-traffic areas

Wastewater vacuum trucks

  • Available as 70-bbl or 130-bbl designs
  • Triple-tank design allows freshwater access on each truck

Holding tanks

  • 250 gallon holding capacity (other sizes available)
  • Overflow and lift stations available upon request

Delivery and auxiliary trucks

  • All equipment delivered and installed
  • Additional trucks add temporary assets to your site

As a full-service environmental solutions provider, GFL is uniquely positioned to address all your sanitation needs. Whatever the scope of work, duration of your job, or need—portable toilet rentals or handling your entire waste stream—we have a custom sanitation solution for every business.

Services vary by location. For more information or a no-obligation assessment of how we can meet your portable toilet needs, please contact your local branch.