GFL GREEN FOR LIFE Environmental

Our Story

Corporate Profile

GFL (Green for Life) Environmental Inc., comprised of Liquid Waste Division (East & West), Solid Waste Haulage Division, Solid Waste Transfer Division, and GFL Excavating Corp is a fully integrated solid & liquid waste management company that has been involved in the collection and processing of waste from Ontario to British Columbia for over forty years.

At GFL our waste management programs include, but are not limited to, industrial/commercial/institutional (ICI), municipal and residential solid and recycling wastes. The transport, treatment, recycling, and disposal of hazardous/non-hazardous liquids and solids are conducted at our state of the art facility. A list of some of the many streams we deal with includes: contaminated soils, laundry, acid and alkaline wastes, used oils and spent fuels, interceptor wastes, used oil filters, parts washer and spray gun cleaners, used anti-freeze and paint sludges. We also provide high-quality commercial and industrial grade parts washers with innovative, cost-effective service plans. In fact, we can handle any liquid/solid and related waste stream including emergency spill response and cleanup.

GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division, is recognized as a leading edge company and has been ranked in Profit Magazine’s Profit 100 in 2006 and 2007 as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. In 2003 GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division was also acknowledged as #15 of Canada’s emerging growth companies by Profit Magazine.

GFL Liquid Waste Division East founded in 1995, maintains provincially approved operations and facilities in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

GFL Liquid Waste Division is an industry leader in western and central Canada in the collection, management, transportation, recycling and disposal of liquid industrial and commercial wastes including; lubricants, gear oil, engine oil, transformer oil and light fuels. GFL Liquid Waste Division also collects and manages waste glycol, solvents, sorbents, sludges, oily water, gun wash, oil filters and oil related plastics.

GFL Liquid Waste Division provides high-quality commercial and industrial grade parts washers with innovative, cost effective service plans. GFL Liquid Waste Division owns and operates a modern, high quality fleet of specialty waste collection and transportation vehicles.


A cornerstone of our desire to deliver responsive and cost effective services is our management information systems network. GFL utilizes the tools of technology in every area of our operations including finance, maintenance, customer service, fleet management, procurement and communications. All of our services are linked via a communications network that allows real time communication for exchanging financial, customer service and internal data, reducing reliance on paper and automating transactions, thereby improving overall efficiency and customer service.

GFL also provides high-quality commercial and industrial grade parts washers with innovative, cost-effective service plans. GFL owns and operates a modern, high-quality fleet of specialty waste collections and transportation vehicles. Whether it's collecting wastes, or delivering value added commodities, our clients are never reliant on third party transportation companies that don't appreciate their specific business needs.

GFL’s environmental certificates of approval and permits allow for the processing and treatment of a wide range of wastes. Our new physical and chemical waste treatment plant, a specially designed drum handling facility and a fully equipped laboratory located in a building over 42,000 square feet on approximately 13 acres, can handle any waste stream you may need to manage.

Using advanced treatment technologies we are able to treat a vast range of waste streams.

Our processing capabilities include:

  • Contaminated soil excavation, transport and processing
  • Waste water treatment

  • Solid and recycling pickup for industrial/commercial/institutional and residential
  • Emergency spill response
  • Emulsion treatment
  • Reduction
  • Oxidation
  • Acid and alkali neutralization
  • Solidification/stabilization
  • Solvent and oil recycling
  • Fuel blending
  • Lab pack services
  • Drum wastes

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to Quality Management and Continuous Improvement in all areas of our organization and GFL Liquid Waste Division is proud to be both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered. GFL believes that in addition to being very competitive, we are the most customer conscious company in the business and we make an effort to prove that every day.

We believe customer satisfaction will determine our future existence. Therefore, we encourage our staff of approximately 550 people to be vigilant and conscious of the present and future needs of our customers. Every effort is made to acquire and maintain the technology necessary to ensure we can continually provide the innovative, cost effective and high quality of service our clients deserve.

We strive to provide service excellence for those communities that place their trust in GFL and we are always dedicated to putting our customers first. We are committed to building our company and reputation through the highest service standards, for protecting the environment and making a positive contribution in the communities where we live and work.