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GFL employee working on Hazardous Tank Cleaning

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No two industrial tanks are exactly alike. Different contents, volumes and accessibility points make each tank cleaning project complex. By investing in technology-based methods, we simplify the process, ensuring thorough tank cleaning with minimal downtime.

What We Do

We clean and remove sludge from all types of industrial tanks. Depending on the project, tank cleaning can include mechanical sludge removal, pumping with specialty nozzles, liquifying and processing sludge and waste disposal.

In conjunction with safety, our priority is to work efficiently with minimal disruption to your operations. Whenever possible, we remove solids while your tank remains in service. We do this with automated extractors, robotic equipment and remotely operated processing equipment that can be fully submerged.

How We Do It

Because tank size, function and contents vary from site to site, we approach each tank cleaning project as a customized job. We arrive on site to scope the work and sample material before offering a solution. Once we present our recommendation, we bring our mobile equipment and expertise to clean your tank thoroughly and cost effectively.


  • Robotic services
  • Customized automated tank cleaning
  • Extractor – sludge de-inventorying tool
  • Automated technology
  • Remote camera and video inspections
  • Environmental Ozone Ultrasonic Treatment™ (O.U.T.)