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GFL operates two oil refineries, based in Columbus, Ohio and North Vancouver, British Columbia. By re-refining oil, GFL facilities help reduce the risk of used oil spills and prevent the burning of waste oil.

Columbus refinery

GFL operates a non-hazardous used oil refinery in Columbus, Ohio, as well as four terminals throughout the Midwest. The Columbus facility is engineered to process used motor oil into vacuum gas oil.

With a state-of-the-art vacuum distillation unit, the refining group has the capability and capacity to convert 1,500 barrels per day of used motor oil into vacuum gas oil (VGO), utilizing short path wiped film evaporators. The facility uses catalytic hydrotreating to convert VGO into a high purity Group II+ base oil and diesel fuel additive. The hydrotreating unit takes the VGO feed from the vacuum distillation unit and hydrotreats it in a hydrogen-rich environment under high temperatures and pressures.

The primary products refined here are:

  • Group II+ Base Oils
  • Vacuum Gas Oil
  • Fuel Oil
  • Asphalt Flux
  • Middle Distillate

North Vancouver refinery

GFL also operates an oil re-refinery in North Vancouver, British Columbia. This facility was the first re-refinery to employ advanced processing to produce virgin-quality base oil, and it continues to be a pioneer in the field in North America. The facility recycles and produces 28 million liters of base oil annually. Re-refining used oil at the facility involves repeating basic refinery processes to return the base oil to its original state. The re-refined base oils are virtually indistinguishable from those made from virgin crude oil and are used in place of or in conjunction with virgin base oils.

The primary products refined at the North Vancouver site include:

  • Base Oils
    • 100N
    • 150N
    • 450N
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Tractor fluids
  • Saw and chain oils
  • PCMO

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