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GFL Product Offerings

At GFL, we recognize the role we play in providing environmental solutions that are needed to transition to a more circular economy. Where possible, our facilities look to recycle materials and divert waste from landfills. Our liquid waste facilities regularly recover and recycle a variety of liquid waste for reuse including used motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze, glycol, solvents, absorbents, dry cleaning fluids, lubricants and light fuels. Re-refining oil is an environmentally-responsible way to deal with used oil because it can be re-refined over and over. This process reduces the risk of used oil contaminating the environment through spills and prevents the burning of waste oil, helping to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We manage all materials in strict compliance with relevant government regulations and industry best practices. Our recycled oil and antifreeze products are tested for quality before being resold in the market for consumer use. Some of our products available for use are listed below.

Advanta Ecofreez
Phone Number: 604.982.2363 Phone Number: 604.618.4646
To learn more about Advanta, click here. To learn more about Ecofreez, click here.

Advanta is a complete line of premium quality lubricants combining superior additive technology with high quality base oils that meet today’s demanding performance requirements.

Using re-refined base oils is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, without sacrificing quality or performance. Our unique, closed-loop process allows us to produce oils that are consistent in meeting or even exceeding industry specifications—without drilling for new crude oil.
You can rest assured that our products are rigorously tested and undergo final hydrotreating for a stable, refinery-grade end product.

Ecofreez is a complete line up of premium, upcycled engine coolants. It is a sustainable alternative to virgin ethylene glycol coolant. Blended to meet or exceed OEM and ASTM specifications, it is virtually indistinguishable from a virgin product.

Our Ecofreez brand is structured to consider the environment first when taking on any new project. By choosing Ecofreez, you are reducing antifreeze waste in the environment and contributing to the reuse of a non-renewable resource.

With GFL you have an experienced antifreeze recycling service provider, offering the finest quality premium recycled coolant products in the industry, exceptional customer service, quick delivery and highly competitive prices.


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