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GFL refines used oil collected from automobile dealerships, lube centers and repair shops, as well as from heavy industry, mining and oilfields. From this used oil, premium quality base oils are created which are blended into our own oil products under the Advanta brand. The Advanta products are quality API licensed engine oils for passenger cars and diesel engines.

Advanta also offers industrial gear oils, hydraulic oils, tractor fluids, saw and chain oils used to lubricate chain saws and dormant spray oil to control pests on fruit trees. The brand even produces a cattle oiler – which leaves a protective barrier on cattle that helps repel flies.

These products are packaged in pails, drums, totes and flexi-tanks on site.

Advanta Products

Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil

Advanta brand Anti-wear (AW) Hydraulic Oils are premium quality lubricants combining superior additive technology with high VI Group II base oils that meet the performance characteristics required by all major hydraulic equipment manufacturers.

Developed for heavy duty hydraulic applications requiring high performance anti-wear and extreme pressure protection, Advanta AW Hydraulic Oils also provide outstanding thermal and hydrolytic stability for increased fluid life and reduced system downtime.

AW Hydraulic – Product Data Sheet
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil – Product Data Sheet

Passenger Car Motor Oil

Advanta brand Passenger Car Motor Oils are formulated with high VI Group II Base Oils and carefully selected additives to meet the high-performance demands of today’s gasoline engines. Developed for complete engine protection and to meet the warrantee requirements for most gasoline engines, Advanta Motor Oils provide superb resistance to oxidation at high operating temperatures, excellent low temperature start-up protection, improved fuel economy and will not harm catalytic converters.

Passenger Car Motor Oils – Product Data Sheet

Advanta products include automatic transmission fluids, lubricants, automotive engine oils, heavy-duty engine oils, passenger car engine oils, gear oils, automotive gear oils, hydraulic fluids, automotive hydraulic fluids, tractor hydraulic fluids, industrial engine oils, group II, base stocks, and group II+

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