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Bulldozer moving soil and land

Microbial activity in mine-impacted soil tends to shut down, which makes it difficult to revegetate. There are a number of ways to improve soil health, but traditional methods are often temporary, labor intensive and costly.

It’s why biosolids-based soil amendments are proving to be an innovative alternative. These organic materials are not only more affordable, accessible and nutrient-rich, they also offer a promising, long-term strategy for sustainable mine and industrial site rehabilitation.

What we do


GFL provides organics to improve soil health for your reclamation and revegetation program, while minimizing odors and other off-site impacts to respect neighboring communities.

Our experts manage your organics program from start to finish. We help you obtain Environmental Compliance Approvals; consult with stakeholders; apply the organics; and assist with annual reporting.

How we do it


After sampling soil and assessing your needs, we create a Custom Reclamation Mix to ensure the organics product thrives in your project, while meeting regulatory standards. We are careful to work with your closure plans to identify the best revegetation techniques and seed blends to establish a sustainable vegetative cover.



  • Turnkey land reclamation management
    • Permitting
    • Transportation
    • Land application
    • Biosolids and soil sampling and testing
    • Source residuals for Custom Reclamation Mix
    • Annual reporting assistance
    • Participate in stakeholder consultation
  • Emergency response services
  • Lagoon and pumping station cleaning
  • Dewatering

Industries we serve


  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Industrial