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Compliant hazardous waste disposal for your retail operations

At GFL, we have the skilled personnel, industry experience, and specialized equipment to safely meet all your retail hazardous waste disposal needs. With highly-trained technicians, expertise in compliant packaging for containment and segregation, and a fleet of specially-equipped trucks, GFL provides an unparalleled suite of services to help you successfully comply with all environmental and waste regulations.

Our technicians can conduct on-site waste audits to characterize and profile the types of material your operation handles. We offer secure, scheduled pickup and transportation services, emergency response when required, and disposal options such as reuse, recycling, fuel blending and waste-to-energy incineration.

We offer a number of other services, including:

  • Training: Our ongoing hazardous waste training, compliance consulting, and customized adherence programs for employees ensure that non-hazardous waste stays out of your hazardous waste stream.
  • Non-hazardous waste services: We can help you securely process waste streams that are typically sensitive or proprietary, including food and consumer products, as well as confidential documents.

With hazardous waste regulations varying by authority, GFL can provide expertise and guidance on your local conditions. For national operations, we offer an extensive network of facilities with consistent service standards, processes and operating procedures. Using one database allows us to provide you with a consolidated report for all your locations across the country.

Contact us to create a service package that best suits your unique requirements.