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2 GFL employees working on Chemical Cleaning Services

Whether you have build-up in your equipment or need to remove hazardous by-products before machine inspection, our specialized chemical cleaning services will get your operation back up and running at peak productivity.

What We Do

Our expert technicians clean, decontaminate and remove build-up in your equipment, tanks and vessels.

We use different methods of cleaning to do a thorough job, while preserving your equipment:

  • Vapour cleaning uses steam to decontaminate and de-gas in a single step. This method can be completed during a plant steam-out to reduce downtime.
  • Chemical circulation fills equipment with chemicals to dissolve contaminants with full surface contact. We use heat exchangers, filters and reverse-flow manifolds to increase performance.
  • With foaming, light particulate is entrapped in a foam phase and is rinsed away. For scale removal, we use foam with acidic properties. This method is ideal for delicate equipment.
  • Orbital jets with a 360-degree radius use high volumes to clean tanks and vessels. The jets operate at low pressures to preserve internal coatings and can be used with various chemistries.

How We Do It

Our chemical cleaning services are backed by scientists, engineers and a full fleet of vehicles permitted to handle dangerous goods.

Every project begins with testing. Only when we have the results can we recommend the right chemicals and application methods. We provide an analytical report including lab results upon the completion of the job. For on-site testing and support, we offer a mobile laboratory.


  • Acid descaling
  • Alkaline degreasing
  • Pre-operational cleaning
  • Foam cleaning chemistries
  • Organic solvent circulation
  • Mobile laboratory
  • Boiler and digester cleaning
  • In-situ exchanger cleaning
  • Pressure testing
  • In-house testing and analysis
  • Remote camera and video inspections
  • Vapour phase / decontamination
  • Temporary pipe installations and tank rentals
  • Passivation of steel or stainless steel surfaces
  • Chelant chemistry for iron scale removal