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Emergency Response Activation

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Ready for immediate deployment, all times of the day

For 24 Hour Emergency Response Support, Call:

  • Atlantic TFN 1-800-933-5959
  • Ontario Emergency Response – 1-877-898-7222
  • Northern Ontario Response – 1-807-939-2994
  • Quebec Response – 1-888-922-3330
  • Western Canada Response – 1-877-244-9500

GFL’s HAZMAT and Dangerous Goods Emergency Response Services are verified to the highest industry standards and can be activated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our highly-trained personnel and specialized equipment stand ready for immediate deployment to an incident scene, to assist our customers and other response organizations with technical and tactical response operations. For incidents involving road, rail or air transport, inland water bodies or fixed facilities, our emergency response teams can assess any situation and coordinate with others to deliver an efficient and effective course of action.

Our primary emergency response locations and emergency response support network are strategically located to expand our service capacity across North America.

Services vary by location. For more information or a no-obligation assessment of how we can meet your emergency response service needs, email [email protected] or contact your local branch.