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Fluid Storage and Containment

Recovering fluids and materials from a wide range of commercial sites

We collect various types of used oil, filters, antifreeze and empty fluid containers from lube centres, repair shops, construction sites, dealerships, farm yards, and more.

We also provide products such as storage tanks, parts washers, lacquer thinner, windshield washing fluid and pumping equipment to safely manage and prevent costly cleanups. All used automotive products are processed for reuse or re-refinement at licensed facilities.

Our automotive waste fluid services include:

  • Used motor oil collection and storage
  • Used oil filter collection and storage
  • Antifreeze collection, supply and storage
  • Empty plastic container collection and storage
  • Parts cleaner supply and maintenance
  • Lacquer thinner supply and collection
  • Fluid management products
  • Aerosol can storage and disposal
  • Absorbents, sorbents and oily rag collection
  • Interceptor pit maintenance

Services vary by location. For more information or to inquire about service, please contact your local branch.


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Oil Refining Services

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Soil Remediation

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Processing & Recovery

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