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2 GFL employees working on Sludge Processing

Whether you require sludge removal from your location or you need to offload sludge at one of our facilities, GFL can help.

What We Do

We process hazardous and non-regulated sludge, including semisolids and liquids with suspended and bottom solids. Our treatment processes are engineered to maximize the recovery of oil, remove and treat water, and minimize residuals.

For onsite services, our experts start by profiling your sludge to scope the project and perform treatability benchmark tests. Once we settle on the optimal treatment process, our operators arrive with advanced vacuum equipment to remove sludge.

We are also fully equipped to clean tanks of all sizes and volumes, using vacuum trucks to remove residual sludge, oil or heavy hydrocarbon.

For customers who need to offload sludge, our permitted, large-volume waste facilities are designed to get drivers back on the road in a timely manner. Our sites are licensed to accept and process both clean and manifested loads.

How We Do It

Our specialized fleet, expert technicians and facilities allow us to manage documentation, transportation and disposal in full compliance with all regulations.

Our extensive storage capacity and flexible operating hours ensure we’re available when you need us, on your terms. We are able to segregate waste sludge materials into dedicated treatment cells by waste classification or by your treatment preference.

In cold climates, our facilities provide year-round processing with heated treatment cells. These heated cells also enable us to receive and treat contaminated snow and ice from Emergency Response projects.


  • Hydrovac sludge
  • Tank bottom sludge
  • Oil-water separator services
  • Car wash sludge
  • Non-regulated semi-solids
  • Bunker fuel sludge