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Institutional Hazardous Waste Materials

Bins, containers, and tanks for large volumes of waste


GFL provides hazardous waste and recycling services to industrial sites such as mines, refineries, power stations and rail yards. As a trusted partner of these industries, we supply bins, roll-off containers and storage tanks for large volumes of waste materials. Our high-performance vacuum trucks and confined space entry teams can also be deployed for plant shutdowns and to extract hazardous materials and waste from tanks, vats and silos.

Not limited to simply sending a truck, our comprehensive services include classification, packaging, labelling, pick-up and tracking. To ensure compliance with Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations, we also provide documentation, such as manifests and/or bills of lading.

For waste that’s particularly sensitive, we offer a 100% traceability service that tracks waste from transportation on our GPS-equipped trucks, through the full chain of custody to certified product destruction.

Compliance is the first priority, so we send our specialists to properly sample and classify your waste to ensure safe handling and transportation. Once identified and prepared for transport, our fleet of specialized equipment is licensed to handle most waste classes.



  • Chain of custody and secure transportation
  • Waste storage and packaging
  • Milk run services
  • Waste tracking and consultation
  • Used oil collection

You can learn more about our drum waste handling capabilities by clicking here.

Services vary by location. For more information or to inquire about service, please contact your local branch.

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