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Grease Trap Service

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Professionals Servicing Grease Traps and Interceptors

‚ÄčThe Green For Life Grease Trap Service helps you avoid any problems and possible fines with your municipality while reducing your carbon footprint. We deliver all the grease waste picked up at your facility to farms that are outfitted with Biogas Generators.

Professional Services

How does a grease trap work?

Grease traps work by capturing absolutely everything that goes through the drain (this includes water, grease and other solid and liquid matter).

Traps have two separation basins, the first basin fills with all the matter that is drained from the sink, the matter then cools. When grease is cooled, it congeals, becoming a solid.

Both the solid matter and the congealed grease float to the top, leaving the liquid at the bottom of the first basin.

Towards the bottom of the first basin is a tube that allows all liquid matter to flow into the second basin.

The second basin is used to trap any additional grease that may have gotten through the first basin, so the same process is repeated.

The grease trap needs to be cleaned in order to work properly, and it is possible for the grease trap to become too full to function.

Dedicated Equipment

What We Do:

  • Professionally service grease traps and interceptors

  • Pump grease and food waste away to eliminate odour
  • Help you avoid overflowing and blockages

Our  Technicians:

  • Trained to vacuum the trap and scrape hardened grease away

  • Clear any blockages from the inlet and outlet
  • Re-seal the lids properly to insure proper operation

Clean Results

Individual Evaluations:

  • We evaluate each situation to determine the frequency of service required to insure continuous proper operation

  • We help you prevent grease from entering the municipal waste stream
  • We strongly advise a dedicated maintenance schedule to avoid any problems and possible fines with your municipality

How Are We Reducing Your Carbon Footprint?

  • We deliver all the grease waste picked up at your facility to farms that are outfitted with Biogas Generators
  • When the organic waste is mixed with manure it produces high grade methane gas which is collected and burned to produce electricity
  • This electricity is returned to the grid and results in less requirement to produce power from fossil and nuclear sources

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