At GFL, the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities we serve is the most important commitment we have and it is incorporated into every stage of what we do from planning through execution. Whether it’s a job working for some of Canada’s largest corporations or collecting materials from local residents, GFL places the highest priority on safety and is committed to continuous improvement in our health and safety performance through the implementation of our internal responsibility system. GFL has adopted robust safety training programs — including regular training, evaluations and support at every level of our company — in order to achieve our safety goals.

Many of the services we provide are carefully scrutinized by governmental agencies and environmental regulators. By way of permits, licenses or approvals to operate, GFL has secured and maintains all authorizations from local, provincial, state and federal authorities that are required to provide our broad range of environmental services.

We subscribe to nationally-recognized standards for competency including NFPA (National Fire Protection Association); API (American Petroleum Institute); and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to name a few. We also maintain high ratings in pre-qualification registries such as ISNetworld®, ComplyWorks, Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing) and ContractorCheck.

GFL invests in extensive training opportunities by sending our specialist employees to training institutes across North America and by bringing industry-leading experts in-house to provide frontline instruction.

From our first-class knowledge and strict regulatory compliance to our wide range of evaluation policies — GFL is committed to ensuring that every member of our team makes safe execution their first priority to complete every task with the utmost attention to safety.

For more information on GFL’s commitment to health and safety, please read our Health and Safety Policy Statement.