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Frequently Asked Questions

New Sticker Program for Copperfield residents

Starting September 1, 2023, GFL will be implementing a new sticker program for residents in Copperfield.

Every quarter, upon payment of their bill, residents will receive a sticker via mail. The sticker should be displayed on your trash or recycle container at the curb or on a stationary item near your curb or driveway visible from the street. Stationary items include a small trash receptacle or wooden stake in the ground.  Those without stickers will not be serviced.

Residents who have back door service are also required to participate in the program. You are not required to put your trash at the curb as long as your sticker is visible from the street placed near your curb or driveway.

Residents who pay late can call customer service and receive a temporary “sticker” design. This can be printed out and displayed to receive collection service.

The sticker design will change quarterly. Residents will be allowed a 15-day grace period before service stops if the new sticker is not displayed on service days.

serving residential customers

Holiday Schedules

We  observe the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day

If your collection day falls on one of these days, please refer to the waste collection service details below:

Independence Day

No change to residential or commercial collection service.

Christmas Day

Residential: No services provided. Trash will be collected on the next regularly scheduled service day.

Please note that if your location(s) are closed for the holiday and we do not have access to the carts, your service will resume on the next scheduled service day.

New Year ’s Day

Residential: No services provided. Trash will be collected on the next regularly scheduled service day.

Additional Holiday Service Week Information:

  • Service times will likely be later than usual with the additional holiday volume and wait times at our landfills. If we are not able to complete our make-up service due to these factors, service will continue the next day.
  • Recycle and bulk collection services may be discontinued during the holiday week and will resume as normal on the next scheduled service day.
    • If your recycle day falls on a holiday, your service will resume on your next scheduled collection day. If you have more waste than will fit in your recycle container, please put extra materials in clear or white bags and/or boxes.