Vacuum Trucks

GFL offers a variety of hydro vacuum truck services for construction projects.

Our hydrovac trucks are used for sensitive subterranean works and to safely expose underground gas lines or electrical wires. We combine our high-velocity vacuum with high-pressure water to slurry and remove columns of soil, clay, sand and gravel to depths of over 10 metres.

Our fleet of high-pressure water and steam-cleaning trucks is frequently relied upon to clean and decontaminate a variety of property and equipment. We are leaders in the cleaning, decontamination, recovery and disposal of petroleum and chemical-contaminated surfaces located near spill sites, storage tanks and process equipment. Green For Life’s mobile units are also equipped to deliver steam and hot water for thawing frozen lines and drains.

GFL offers a diverse range of services for cleaning, flushing and maintaining subterranean water and sewer works such as lift stations, sanitary sewers, interceptor pits, catch basins, septic tanks and culverts. Together with GamaJet nozzles, our flushing units deliver high-pressure water streams to clean storage tanks, rail cars or underground sewer lines of accumulated debris and sediment that our vacuum trucks collect for transportation and proper disposal.

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