Landfill Disposal & Diversion

Green For Life operates a broad network of facilities for the safe, regulated disposal of your municipal solid waste or construction and demolition debris. We also divert significant volumes of landfill disposal waste through several of our facilities specializing in material recycling, organics processing and soil remediation.

Commercial and industrial businesses, construction projects and municipal collection programs can take advantage of a fully-regulated disposal option for solid non-hazardous waste through GFL’s specially-designed and operated landfills. Our landfills incorporate the latest technology in their cell construction — including systems to collect leachate for treatment. We also invest in landfill gas-to-energy technology that uses landfill gas to generate power for local utilities.

At GFL Environmental, we safely and reliably meet your waste management needs with the facilities, experience, technology and trained personnel required to provide a variety of responsible, long-term disposal options.

Email or call GFL’s waste management team to receive more information.
For 24-HOUR SUPPORT, call 1.866.417.2797 in Canada or 1.844.GO.GFLUSA / 1.844.464.3587 in the USA.