GFL GREEN FOR LIFE Environmental

Industrial / Commercial

The company’s approach to the management of waste provides a responsible, efficient way of meeting customers’ needs. GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division possesses the skills and knowledge to efficiently provide any waste disposal service, working closely with customers to identify their waste handling challenges. The company then determines the best solution for customer requirements and provides all the necessary equipment, technology, and personnel to ensure complete, dependable and economical service.

GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division provides services to retail stores, municipalities, manufacturing plants, shopping centres, construction companies, distribution centres and other institutions and businesses that use recycling programs and waste collection systems. To ensure the utmost in Environmental Compliance, GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division utilizes only government approved and accepted disposal and processing facilities.

The company utilizes a modern fleet of over 170 collection vehicles, equipment and contracted personnel consisting of highly trained professionals to ensure timely service with minimum disruption to commercial operations. For high volume or bulk collection of general waste and recyclable products, GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division can supply permanent or temporary containers ranging in size from 14 to 50 cubic yards. For lower volume or where available space is limited, GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division can provide permanent storage containers from 2 to 8 cubic yards. The company ensures that all of a customer’s removal requirements can be met with a combination of container size and scheduled service frequency.

GFL Solid Waste Haulage Division can also provide an individual or corporate waste and recycling audit, to ensure that customers are utilizing the most comprehensive and cost effective waste removal program for their needs. Audits include the weights and volumes of waste and recyclables, total service costs, total commodity rebates, achievements and future initiatives, areas of excellence and areas of improvement, a comparison of previous audit results, and individual requirements that can be customized to the specific needs of each customer.

Bin Sizes:

Front-End Containers: 2 yards, 3 yards, 4 yards, 6 yards, 8 yards (available with lids, locks, castors [up to 4 yards])

Roll-Off Containers:   14 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, 40 yards

Totes:  32 gallons, 64 gallons, 95 gallons