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GFL Environmental is proud to serve the greater Dade City, FL area for all of their disposal needs.

We pride ourselves on providing one of the highest quality services available in the industry, and we know that an effective solid waste company means that you should not have to worry about your waste collection. For that reason, we believe in full transparency when it comes to your trash and recycling pick-up.

At GFL we understand that each community is unique, and we proudly support thousands of partners across all of markets in Dade City and the greater area. To learn more about our specialty services click below to learn more.

Asbestos Disposal Services in Dade City

We have the required permits to haul and dispose of asbestos containing materials, both friable and non-friable. To learn more about our Asbestos Disposal services, click here.

Borrow Pit Soils in Dade City

Our borrow pits supply clean sand and other materials for local construction jobs. To learn more about our Borrow Pit Soils services, click here.

Tire Disposal Services in Dade City

Each year, we collect more than 10,000 tons of tires with one goal in mind – contributing to a greener environment. To learn more about our Tire Disposal services, click here.

Wood Waste Recycling in Dade City

Wood waste recycling is an important process for many construction and demolition projects. To learn more about our Wood Waste Recycling services click here.

For more information, visit one of the pages above or call the Dade City Landfill.