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Embracing Indigenous Heritage with David Hill

It wasn’t until his late teens that GFL National Director of Emergency Response, David Hill, discovered his Indigenous heritage.

“I find the Indigenous culture fascinating. Everyone has the opportunity to learn from Indigenous communities by researching, understanding, and interacting with the people,” Hill said.

Before working for GFL, David worked as a firefighter for over 30 years and became increasingly interested in the HAZMAT business due to a side opportunity.

Hill’s Indigenous heritage comes from his father’s side, with their family tied to the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Indigenous community located within Hastings County, Ontario. He discovered that his grandfather had disenfranchised himself by selling his rights back to the province, wanting to hide his Indigenous background from his grandmother’s parents.

“It wasn’t until my early twenties I found my father’s status card, so from then, I started to learn about my legacy and heritage,” Hill said.

Hill has been on a journey to challenge some of his preconceptions about Indigenous culture and history.  He has since committed to re-educating himself and encourages others to do the same.

Indigenous relations are an important part of Hill’s position with GFL.

As part of the National Indigenous Group with GFL’s Liquids East team, he works closely with Indigenous communities to build mutually beneficial partnerships.

“Building relationships with the Indigenous communities has helped inspire and guide my decision-making,” Hill said.

Hill has also actively supported local Indigenous communities outside of work. Before joining GFL, he created a youth-at-risk Indigenous learning program called SIC (Specialized Independant Competencies) to provide youth with in-person training and opportunities in education, careers, and financial stability.

Hill continues to learn about his fascinating history and wants his three children to appreciate their lineage, family legacy and heritage.

“I’m proud to be part of the Indigenous community and continue my ongoing learning of the culture,” Hill said. “There are so many learning programs available that are incredibly impactful for those who wish to explore First Nation culture further.”

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