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Embracing Indigenous Heritage with Jason Kannegiesser

Jason Kannegiesser, Regional Manager in BC Field Services, is a descendant of the Algonquin people.

Jason Kannegiesser, regional manager in BC Field Services, is a descendant of the Algonquin people.

He has worked in the waste industry for almost twenty years, starting as a laborer. With hard work and determination, he has become a regional manager based out of Kamloops, British Columbia.

Kannegiesser is passionate about honoring Indigenous History Month, as there’s so much rich history for people to learn.

“Indigenous History Month allows those unfamiliar with First Nations to learn about their cultures and traditions. It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate the beauty, strength, and diversity of First Nation people,” Kannegiesser said.  

Kannegiesser was born in Ontario and grew up in a small bilingual town in the northern part of the province called Mattawa. 

His Indigenous heritage comes from his mother’s side of the family connecting to the Algonquin people in the Ottawa Valley.  

“I want my children to be aware of where they come from and of Indigenous culture as they go forward,” Kannegiesser said. “Even though we live in Kamloops now, we’re not directly exposed to my First Nation, but we can continue to learn about an array of Indigenous cultures.”

The Algonquin people have a rich and diverse history with fascinating stories, including their encounters with French explorers. They were also among the first to use the birchbark canoe, which helped facilitate travel and carrying goods.

The Algonquin people believe in stewardship of the environment and the importance of living in harmony with nature, and they continue to advocate for its protection and preservation.

“There’s a lot of heavy news people see regarding Indigenous history, but people must be aware of the trials and tribulations that the First Nations went through,” Kannegiesser said.

Kannegiesser encourages employees to learn about Indigenous culture and traditions through fostering partnerships with the local Indigenous organizations, recognizing and amplifying Indigenous voices, and having learning resources available for people to explore and continue to self-educate. 

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