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You may see a fuel surcharge on your bill. To learn more about what the fuel surcharge is, please read below.

What is the Fuel Surcharge?

The cost of energy such as diesel, natural gas and other hydrocarbon based fuels and their byproducts are constantly changing and impact nearly every material and activity in the services provided by GFL. In response to the volatility in these costs, and in order to maintain an operating margin acceptable to GFL, our customers may be charged a Fuel Surcharge, which in some instances may be referred to as an Energy Recovery Charge.

The Fuel Surcharge is not a tax, surcharge, or fee mandated by or remitted to any governmental or regulatory agency. The Fuel Surcharge may vary by customer and location and is intended to address the overall direct and indirect cost of energy incurred on a company-wide basis in providing environmental services to all of GFL’s customers.

How is the Fuel Surcharge Calculated?

Unless otherwise negotiated, the Fuel Surcharge is calculated monthly based on the last available Monthly Average price of diesel fuel as published by the National Resources of Canada (“NRCAN”) in its Monthly Average Retail Prices for Diesel index (Natural Resources Canada ( The Index is objective, publicly available, and widely recognized in the trucking and transportation industries. The Fuel Surcharge reflected in your invoice correlates to recent changes in the NRCAN index and is applied as a percentage of the invoiced amount.

How often does the Fuel Surcharge change?

The Fuel Surcharge is updated by GFL on a monthly basis using the latest information available from the NRCAN index. As a result, the Fuel Surcharge reflected on your invoice may increase or decrease on a monthly basis.