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The best part of FCP is that any GFL customer can participate at no cost. You’ll be able to vote for your desired charity class quickly and easily through a straightforward online system, and also suggest individual charities to receive donations.

Sign up and voting is currently open to all GFL commercial customers. If your municipality is a customer through our residential services, you can still sign up for FCP, and we’ll notify you when voting is available in your area.

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Our Part

GFL will allocate donations to charities within the seven classes based on the total percentage of customer votes received for each one. GFL will select high-impact, registered local charities to receive the donations where at least 80 percent of the funds received go towards programming. Volunteering is a key part of FCP, so GFL will facilitate opportunities for employees to give their time to charities and extend our support beyond a monetary donation.

When all funds have been allocated, GFL will report back to customers on where and how donations were made, including which charities received them — so you can see how your input is actively making a difference within local communities!

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