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GFL bins help charities help others

WINNIPEG, MB, July 29, 2019 – GFL Environmental (GFL) has been giving back to communities in Winnipeg, MB, by providing free containers to charities and community clean-up groups to manage waste accumulated during the winter and spring.

“At GFL we want to encourage resident groups to clean up after spring thaw so we try to make hauling the trash away as easy as possible for them. Our goal is keep the communities we serve beautiful,” said Daryl Doubleday, General Manager at GFL Winnipeg.

The signature green bins and free pick-up service help local charities save valuable resources while ensuring environmentally-conscious disposal of waste materials.

“As a small charity, we do not have funds for waste removal services but we want to do our part for the environment,” said Tricia Robinson, Executive Director of the South Winnipeg Family Information Centre, home of the Clothes Closet, which collects gently used business clothing through donation and provides women with interview outfits. “[Daryl] let us know that GFL could provide both a bin and pick-up service at no charge as a donation to our charity.”

Giving back to the communities it serves is a central part of GFL’s organization culture, and creating a meaningful impact at a local level remains a key company commitment.

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Original article by Carolyne Braid, The Winnipeg Free Press

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