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1. The container location is selected by the customer. GFL reserves the right to decline delivery if the location is deemed to be inaccessible or unsafe.

2. GFL will assume no responsibility for any damage to driving survaces (i.e. driveways, lawn/yard, backtop, etc.) while placing or servicing the containers.

3. The customer is responsible for having a clear, accessible path for servicing the container (i.e. no parked vehicles, locked gate, unstable surfaces, etc.). If the container is not accessible, GFL may charge a trip fee for the attempted haul.

4. GFL container(s) are not to be pushed, pulled, or moved by customer equipment. The customer shall protect and care for all GFL equipment in their possession. All container relocations, as deemed necessary, must be made by GFL and a trip fee may be charged.

5. During scheduled service, containers are switched with those of similar type and size, and will be maintained in the same general area unless otherwise predetermined in the contract.

6. Waste material should not extend over the top edge of the container. The weight of items in the container must be evenly distributed. If the container is unbalanced, it can result in unsafe hauling and possibly overturn the vehicle. In the event the container is loaded too high, too heavy or unbalanced, it is the responsibility of the customer to offload the excess. The haul may be rescheduled until the corrective measures have been completed and a trip charge may be charged. Since GFL is governed by federal and state laws regulating maximum allowable weights to be transported, overweight citations may be assessed.

7. Where applicable, any material being separated for recycling purposes, (i.e. cardboard, wood, metal, concrete dedicated loads of inert debris and C&D) must be free of contamination. Contaminated loads may be rejected and redirected to another disposal site. If applicable, appropriate disposal charges will be applied.

8. Unacceptable materials include, but are not limited to: Grass, Sand, Flammable Waste, Dirt, Batteries, Paint Cans, Propane Tanks, Tree Trunks (or Stumps), Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners,  Tires, Yard Waste, Leaves, Hazardous Waste, Asbestos, Medical Waste, Batteries, Oil, Paint & Volatile Chemicals and White Goods. Certain types of Special Waste may be hauled with prior written approval but must be kept separate from all other types of waste. Please call our office for more details.

9. Because disposal, processing, and fuel costs are significant portion of our costs to provide service, we may increase the schedule of charges proportionally to reflect any increase in such costs plus an appropriate mark-up.

10. Payment terms: You agree to pay us in accordance with the payment terms of our invoice as well as any additional disposal/tonnage charges over and above those quoted in the flat rate.


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