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GFL named a top company for women in transportation 

GFL is delighted to be named one of the top companies for women to work for in transportation in 2023 by the Women In Trucking Association (WIT). 

Announced by WIT’s Redefining the Road industry magazine, the award recognizes the top companies that are exceptional workplaces for women in all roles of the transportation industry. 

“When we submitted GFL’s entry for this award, I knew we would be a top contender, based on the diversity work that is happening here,” said Senior Field Recruiter Sloane Phillips. “I truly believe in GFL’s dedication to foster an inclusive environment that empowers women to share their voices, contribute ideas, and always feel like they belong.” 

Award winners demonstrate corporate cultures that foster gender diversity, offer competitive compensation and benefits, and provide professional development and career advancement opportunities. 

GFL is proud of our Women in Waste initiative which includes a corporate women’s leaders’ group and a virtual support network for women in our field operations. To ensure we continue to build diversity, our Sustainability Action Plan includes a goal to increase the percentage of women across GFL.  

Phillips attended the award ceremony in Dallas with Ben Habets, senior vice president, Operations - Solid Waste. 

“Attending the event was an honor,” Phillips said. “Accepting the award on GFL’s behalf is another step forward in our mission to drive inclusivity across the company.” 

Habets agreed that it was exciting to attend the ceremony along with representatives from hundreds of transportation companies that, like GFL, are working to encourage the employment of women, promote their accomplishments, and remove the obstacles they face in the industry. 

”GFL’s initiatives to grow, support, and empower our female workforce are critical for our future growth,” said Habets. “Seeing our team’s efforts to diversify on full display amongst so many great companies made for a prideful experience.” 

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