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Celebrating 35 years in the business – Todd Murphy

GFL would like to extend huge congratulations to roll-off driver Todd Murphy of Halifax, NS, on 35 years of service in the waste industry.

Todd started his career in the mid-1980s as a residential rear-pack driver, a position he held for a decade before promotion to route supervisor. A highlight of the job was seeing kids wait eagerly on their street for Todd’s garbage truck to roll by.

After 20 years on residential routes Todd made the switch to commercial roll-off.

As a truck driving veteran, Todd enjoys sharing his wealth of industry knowledge with his GFL colleagues. He fondly remembers one of his proudest achievements as the early mentorship of his colleague Ken Webb. Ken joined the waste industry in 1988 as Todd’s assistant and the driver quickly took the young rookie under his wing.

With Todd as his willing teacher, Ken learned the skills he needed to gain his truck driver’s license and embark on a successful driving career of his own. Today, more than three decades on, Ken is now General Manager of GFL Halifax and he and Todd are still colleagues.

Todd’s favorite aspects of his job are the freedom and flexibility that driving has afforded him and the opportunity to provide great service to his customers.

Todd lives in Halifax with his wife, their son Sheldon and two grandchildren.

Thank you Todd for your commitment and hard work!

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