Industrial / Commercial Waste

GFL Environmental provides businesses and institutions with a “one-stop shop” for a variety of waste and recycling needs. As a leader in the solid waste services sector, we collect bulk waste and non-hazardous materials — including recyclables and organics — on a scheduled or call-in basis. Our industrial and commercial customers include retail stores, manufacturing plants, shopping centers, construction companies, distribution centers, hospitals, schools and other institutions in need of safe and reliable solid waste or recycling services.

Our employees are trained to provide timely service with minimum disruption to customer operations. For property developers and owners requiring soil remediation, construction services and more, GFL adds value by marshalling a diverse range of essential resources. We consistently and efficiently deliver a variety of safe, integrated environmental services for properties in various stages of development — from project inception to completion and well into full facility operation. We also maintain a large selection of reliable containers and bins that we can promptly deliver to your business or site.

When you trust GFL with your garbage, recycling and organics collection, you’re partnering with an experienced waste collector and recycler. We only use government-approved facilities, and disposal and processing technologies and we can customize each project to meet your requirements. GFL is committed to ensuring environmental compliance and to meeting all of your collection requirements through a combination of responsible options and scheduled, reliable service frequency.

GFL also conducts individual and corporate waste and recycling audits that analyze your operational requirements, total service costs, diversion objectives, compliance requirements and environmental initiatives, to ensure that you are utilizing the most comprehensive, cost-effective and sustainable waste removal program available.

For hazardous and non-hazardous liquid wastes, GFL has the experience, training and equipment required to safely pick up, transport and dispose of a wide range of materials including contaminated waste water, used motor oil and downstream by-products — all in strict compliance with government regulations and in accordance with industry best practices. Choosing GFL to satisfy all of your solid and liquid waste collection needs provides you with a cost-effective, efficient “one-stop shop” solution.

Email or call GFL’s waste management team to schedule service or receive more information.
For 24-HOUR SUPPORT, call 1.866.417.2797 in Canada or 1.844.GO.GFLUSA / 1.844.464.3587 in the USA.