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Residential Cart Services

GFL will provide you with a 96-gallon container to collect all your residential waste and transfer it to proper disposal sites. Once you sign up for service with the city of Thomaston, we will deliver your trash container promptly to your residence. Then you can simply follow our container placement guidelines for curbside pickup to ensure your service occurs properly and safely. Do not place the roller cart within 10 feet of any utility pole, power line, mailbox, car, fixtures, plants or other obstacles.

Please place your residential cart by the road after 7:00pm the night before your scheduled pick up day or no later than 6:00am the day of your pick up. Place the cart so the handles are closer to the house. Replace the cart back at your residence by 7:00pm on the day of pick up.

Please note that the contract only covers curbside pickup unless a medical walk out is provided. Furthermore, only trash placed properly in the container will be collected. Waste will be picked up once a week on a scheduled day. To get a medical walk out service, please reach out to the City of Thomaston at 706.938.3251.

Items not accepted:

  • NO liquids such as paint and oil are accepted
  • NO construction and demolition debris
  • NO carpet
  • NO Tires, Car batteries or parts

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