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You may see an environmental surcharge on your bill. To learn more about what the environmental surcharge is, please read below.

What is the Environmental Surcharge?

The Environmental Surcharge is a means to address the impacts of various environmental factors related to operating GFL’s business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.  Among other things, these costs may be related to landfill regulatory compliance, permitting, licensing, regulatory fees, ongoing verification and testing, safety equipment, and increased costs of construction or operation arising out of environmental regulation.  The Environmental Surcharge is not designed or intended to correlate to the actual environmental costs of servicing an individual customer’s account.  Rather, the Environmental Surcharge may vary by customer and location and is intended to identify both direct and indirect environmental related costs on a company-wide basis and to maintain or recognize an operating margin acceptable to GFL.

How often does the Environmental Surcharge change?

The Environmental Surcharge may change from time-to-time at the discretion of GFL as part of our ongoing review of environmental related matters.

Is the Environmental Surcharge a tax?

No. The Environmental Surcharge is not a tax, surcharge or fee imposed or mandated by or remitted to any governmental or regulatory agency. It is a charge assessed and adjusted from time to time by GFL at its discretion (subject to terms negotiated by GFL and the customer) to address changes in environmental factors related to its business and to maintain or recognize an operating margin acceptable to GFL.