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Full Circle Project and International Day of Education

Children in a classroom with their hands up.

In recognition of the United Nations (UN) International Day of Education on January 24, GFL is highlighting Full Circle Project (FCP) initiatives that focus on community educational, cultural and artistic enrichment.

The International Day of Education highlights a commitment to providing quality education and equal access to educational opportunities for people across the globe. This in turn helps nurture healthy, prosperous and tolerant societies. The UN’s Quality Education Sustainable Development Goal 4 aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities by 2030.

FCP education initiatives:

Growing Futures Early Education Center

GFL branch: Kansas City, Missouri

Growing Futures Early Education is a charity that provides early education opportunities and family support services for children. They serve families that live 100 percent at or below the federal poverty level.

Currently they serve 223 vulnerable children aged 0-5 and their families, with a waiting list of nearly 200 eligible children.

Through FCP, part of the US $7500 donation went towards this year’s "Adopt a Classroom” program.  Funds will be used to acquire paint, building materials, shelves and other fixtures to rebuild and renew a classroom.

GFL employees will volunteer their time to help with this rebuild. 

“The Full Circle Project brings GFL employees together and allows them to give back to their communities for causes that are most important to them,” said Carey Calabrese, GFL regional vice-president. “Giving to charities gives us (as employees) a deeper appreciation of life and supports organizations that help build and nurture our communities.”

The program will help low-income families access educative opportunities within a safe and inclusive environment.

The other part of the donation went towards the “Staffing Fund,” which focuses on attracting new and retaining current staff. The fund helps to provide meaningful programs to children that set them up for success in the future if they have the necessary team in place.

Louis Bull Tribe

GFL branch: Alberta Liquids

The Louis Bull Tribe is an Indigenous partner of GFL and believes that providing citizens with spaces to carry out healthy activities will aid in achieving the vision of a safe, healthy, prosperous, and thriving Cree nation.

A CA $10,000 FCP donation will be used towards the Lands for Prosperity Program, which provides learning and work experiences designed to connect youth to land while providing knowledge about treaties, constitutional rights and land stewardship. 

The program provides youth with a safe and fun-filled summer experience. Participants are provided transportation through busses, healthy lunches and all the safety equipment required, such as work boots, gloves, and vests.

100 Black Men of Greater Columbia

GFL branch: Columbia, South Carolina

FCP donated US $7,500 to 100 Black Men of Great Columbia (BMOGC). Their mission is to improve quality of life and offer enhanced educational opportunities for African Americans in the community, with a particular emphasis on youth mentoring, education, economics and financial literacy, as well as health and wellness.

Local GFL employees have donated bookbags and passed them out at a local school in the service district. They have also given time to mentoring young men in the community alongside BMOGC.

“Being a volunteer has many benefits,” Brigman Young, general manager of GFL’s Columbia branch, said. “It adds a purpose to your life while increasing your self-esteem and well-being.

“The Full Circle Project is an outstanding way to get closer to our community and make a valuable contribution, which includes hundreds of hours of employee time,” he added.

The Eleanor Drury’s Children’s Theatre

GFL branch: Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Eleanor Drury Children’s Theatre is a charity theatre group for children ages 6 – 18. FCP donated CA $1000 to continue providing opportunities for young people to learn and experience live theatre.

They keep many youths off the streets and positively engaged in a non-judgmental environment that is affordable for most families.

They teach youth to develop confidence and express themselves through dramatic arts. The kids learn skills on how to become an actor as well as an opportunity to connect with peers. 

GFL employees contribute their time by supervising the kids at lunch, helping with props and costumes, promoting ticket sales, and fundraising.

Friends of the Morristown-Hamblen Public Library Foundation

GFL branch: Morristown, Tennessee

FCP donated US $5000 to the Friends of the Morristown-Hamblen Public Library. This charity strives to provide a quality library that is accessible to the public and meets the community's needs. 

The library provides life-long learning opportunities, access to internet resources, and materials for leisure viewing, reading and listening for all ages.

GFL’s donation will help provide books monthly to children from birth to five years old for free.

Literacy is a crucial skill for youth to learn. GFL wants to help support youth in the local community in accessing reading opportunities.

Columbia Urban League

GFL branch: Columbia, South Carolina

FCP donated US $10 000 to the Columbia Urban League. They are a multi-service charity that promotes financial stability and racial inclusion in the community. The Columbia Urban League offers programs to provide economic empowerment and educational opportunities for those in need.

The Columbia Urban League enhances academic success and social skills development in preparing disadvantaged middle and high school students for post-secondary educational success through the Project Ready Program.

The Project Ready program provides a holistic approach to strengthening youths’ academic, personal and social needs. GFL’s donation will be used towards safe haven programs, foster care programs, equity and excellence in education and back to school drives. 

Local GFL employees attended the Columbia Urban League event “Promoting minority business development through diversity, equity, inclusion, and equal opportunity.” GFL employees will continue to volunteer their time at the various education and equity focused events through 2023.

Get Involved

GFL customers can participate in FCP at no cost. Learn more about the program and how to take part here.

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